Belts from Japan

The Japanese are amazing, they like from different planet. When I was there – I was surprised by almost everything.

So I was sure that Marrs’s info was true when they mentioned that they bought capstan belts from Japan. They still produce belts from 1980.

The Japanese do not like to communicate with the other world. So it was an issue to organize international trading between Ukraine and Japan. But together we did it!

We were informed and already checked while buying several hundreds of drive belts for our electronics, that our partner from Japan can make the following:

  • any shape: round, flat and square rubber drive belts;
  • reel to reel tape recorder/cassette deck belt sizes: from small to big diameter.

For example, in our stock we have like this:

Dimensions: diameter 60 mm., section/cut – 0.5*0.5 mm.

These rubber square cut belts were made in Japan in March 2019.

It will definitely suit to:

Sony Walkman WM-EX511
Sony Walkman WM-EX66
Sony Walkman WM-EX88
Sony Walkman WM FX808
Sony Walkman WM-EX808
Sony Walkman WM-EX52
Sony Walkman WM-EX911
Sony Walkman WM FX777
Sony Walkman WM EX808HG
Sony Walkman WM-EX526
Sony Walkman WM-EX670
Sony Walkman WM-EX77
Sony Walkman WM FX77
Sony Walkman WM FX507
Sony Walkman WM-EX53
Sony Walkman WM-EX678
Sony Walkman WM-EX777
Sony Walkman WM FX707
Sony Walkman WM FX509
Sony Walkman WM-EX555
Sony Walkman WM-EX59
Sony Walkman WM-EX811
Sony Walkman WM FX70
Sony Walkman WM FX52
Sony Walkman WM-EX57
Sony Walkman WM-EX606
Sony Walkman WM-FX503
Sony Walkman WM FX56


Please, see the video about the Japanese drive belt for Sony Walkman (how it looks like)

diameter – 60 mm, width and thickness is 0.5 mm
certificate from the manufacturer
certificate from the manufacturer
Japan Factory Belt for cassette player Sony WM FX503
Japan Factory Belt for cassette player Sony WM FX503

This belt costs 7 USD only, plus the delivery cost from Ukraine to worldwide with the tracking number.

The quality is amazing.

For today you can ask us to buy any belts from Japan. The minimum thickness is 0.5 mm. The diameter could be almost any. The minimum order quantity is 150 pcs. The price will depend on size, diameter etc.