About us

Just a few words who we are, what was done and how. What benefits while using our belts you may get.

For several years we were buying vintage Sony Walkman cassette players which were for sale in Japan. As there was no authorized Sony repair center near us we started to fix and repair them by ourselves and sold via local marketplaces, via Sony Walkman eBay stores.

Obviously – one of the major issues was to understand what kind of drive belt, which size is needed.

Russell’s book really helped, it does not have 100 percent correct info, but the guys made a great job.

So we started to measure the size of the belts by ourselves and put all notes in the database.

Another issue was to find the appropriate seller of the required belts.

Some of them are – guys from Europe and Marrs site. But sometimes we were waiting for several months to get them.

In 2018 we decided to explore and run the process of our own manufacturing.

Visited China, Japan to find someone who can show the process.

There are two main methods to produce belts:

  • the cutting
  • the molds

Japanese are still the best in cutting in the world! There are not too many rubber drive belts suppliers in the whole world.

We found partners in Japan and they are absolutely the champions!

Guys from China are good but they could not do very thin belts. This technology is very expensive.

Thus we invested in molds, drawings, and cutting machines. It took almost a year and some money 🙂

We tested the belts the whole year, the first belts were terrible of quality. We could not get rid of the thin rims on the belts, molds were not able to give the perfect result. So it was decided to use molds and cutting machines together.

Here is the example of one of our first made mold. We can write some guide about molds production 🙂

Mold for belts for sony walkman models

Here are some of our belts in cassette players:

cassette player with drive belt, repair
repair of cassette player
square drive belt made in Ukraine
repair of cassette player

For today in Ukraine, we combine the molds and cutting methods. The symbiosis of these two methods gives the best result and quality.

Please, see the videos of our and Japanese belts.

For today we produce belts for such sony walkman models of personal cassette players:

Aiwa HS PX1000
Panasonic RQ V158
Sony EX668
Sony TCM 10
Sony TPS-L2
Sony WM 10
Sony WM 10II
Sony WM 20
Sony WM 30
Sony WM 600
Sony WM 701C
Sony WM 701S
Sony WM 702
Sony WM 703C
Sony WM EX677
Sony WM EX7
Sony WM EX80
Sony WM EX808HG
Sony WM EX85
Sony WM EX91
Sony WM F10
Sony WM F10II
Sony WM F15
Sony WM F20
Sony WM F30
Sony WM F65
Sony WM F701C
Sony WM FX507
Sony WM FX509
Sony WM FX52
Sony WM FX890
Sony WM FX900
Sony WM GX312
Sony WM GX510
Sony WM GX552
Sony WM GX652
Sony WM GX654
Sony WM GX670
Sony WM GX674
Sony WM GX677
Sony WM GX680
Sony WM GX688
Sony WM W800
Sony WM WE1
Sony WM-150
Sony WM-170
Sony WM-190
Sony WM-2091
Sony WM-2095
Sony WM-3
Sony WM-501
Sony WM-503
Sony WM-505
Sony WM-A602
Sony WM-D6
Sony WM-D6C
Sony WM-EX1
Sony WM-EX2
Sony WM-EX20
Sony WM-EX2000
Sony WM-EX5
Sony WM-EX510
Sony WM-EX550
Sony WM-EX552
Sony WM-EX562
Sony WM-EX570
Sony WM-EX650
Sony WM-EX652
Sony WM-EX654
Sony WM-EX655
Sony WM-EX660
Sony WM-EX662
Sony WM-EX808
Sony WM-EX910
Sony WM-EX921
Sony WM-EX922
Sony WMF 701C
Sony WM-F2095
Sony WM-F501
Sony WM-F507
Sony WM-FS393
Sony WM-FS395
Sony WM-FX1
Sony WM-FX2
Sony WM-FX5
Sony WM-FX50
Sony WM-FX511
Sony WM-FX553
Sony WM-FX653
Sony WM-FX655
Sony WM-FX822
Sony WM-FX833
Sony WM-FX85
Sony WM-FX855
Sony WM-GX300
Sony WM-GX302
Sony WM-GX550
Sony WM-GX780
Sony WM-GX788
SonyWM-FX651, etc……….

If you wanna us make any belt for you in bulk, please, send us the drawing of the belt, or the correct belt. The minimum order of quantity is 120 pcs.

The price depends on the diameter, width, and thickness of the belt.